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Update V3.23

Friday, December 7 2012

For our hardcore users we have a rare update available that essentially makes it work on Windows 7 and 64-bit, and has a few small improvements. See the Download page.

Bug Fixes in Release V3.21

Saturday, June 14 2008

Today the V2005.3.21 version of StageRace was released that fixes a small handfull of bugs.

StageRace V3.20 Out Now!

Tuesday, August 21 2007

With again a year full of great cycling events passed, now is the day the all-new V2005.3.20 version of StageRace sees the light. This larger increment brings again a number of cool improvements.

Ever tried entering the start times for a time trial in reverse order? Now StageRace can do this automatically for you. Also, the difference between half stages and stages has even further faded, where appropriate, on the printed publications, which has always been a much talked about issue for StageRace users. Also, you can choose to exclude competitors that finished after the deadline, on the same day already, for all derived classifications.

The most important and anticipated new feature of the V2005.3.20 release is the export to CSV (comma-separated values) format, which enables easier processing by journalists, web designers, and broadcasting professionals.

ProTour Race “Eneco Tour” Happily Using StageRace

Sunday, August 20 2006

After many years, the Eneco Tour said goodbye to their home-cooked administration solution, and switched to StageRace administration software. Eneco Tour, UCI ProTourHalf-way their race both the Eneco Tour's organisation and the panel of Dutch, Belgian and international officials have expressed their satisfaction about how race results look and the speed with which classifications can be generated, once the stage ranking becomes available from the photo finish and transponder systems.

The Eneco Tour 2006 is a new road cycling event in Belgium and Netherlands, running from August 16th through 23rd. It was started in 2005 to become part of the UCI ProTour, but originates from the "the Netherlands Tour" that has run for many years. Römers Sports Timing, a timing company in the Netherlands that is exclusively aimed at road cycling, performs the timing and race administration of this high-exposure event, for which they use the brand-new V2005.3.10 that was released about a week ago. During parts of the Eneco Tour they had on-site StageRace support available.


Take a look at the Eneco Tour web site

Take a look at the Römers company's results of the Eneco Tour

V2005 Final Released — Production Version

Tuesday, August 15 2006

With a number of improvements, but also finally with the new, heavily rewritten V2005 Help system, today StageRace V2005.3 went from its enduring bèta state to final ("production") and is available for download.

StageRace V2005 bèta was for far over a year now used by StageRace customers without any notable problems, at a substantial number of actual events and is a safe choice in your production environment of road cycling administration.



First Update for V2005 Bèta

Monday, May 9 2005

Tour de Georga was once again a 'life' test case for the newest from StageRace. Phoenix Sports Technology used our new V2005.3.00 bèta there, with great succes. They reported back to us: "you have really done a spectacular job with the new 2005 (bèta) of the StageRace program". We are glad to hear, but some small imperfections were nonetheless found, fixed and lead to today's V3.01 bèta release, available for download.

StageRace 2005 Bèta

Monday, April 4 2005

We proudly anounce that the V2005 bèta release version is now available for download. Issues can be reported.

Note that this version is still shipped with the V2003 Help system. The Help system will shortly be updated in one of the upcoming releases of StageRace 2005. Updates to the software will be released on basis of any reported issues.

Though still being a bèta version, this version is the result of a lengthy development and testing process, part of which at actual events, under the supervision of our Professional users, which were using an internal bèta build.

Monday, March 28 2005

The software for our V2005 version is almost done, and ready for public bèta release. This bèta version will be released and available for download as of Monday, April 4 2005, so check back soon!

Future Version Bèta at Georgia Tour

Dodge Tour de GeorgiaFriday, April 30 2004

Like last year, StageRace was the official administration software at the Tour de Georgia, in the state of Georgia, United States, that was held April 20 thru 25. Tour de Georgia has swiftly grown to become the premier stage race event in the States.

Phoenix Sports Technology from Pennsylvania, United States, who again was the time keeper on-site, was madly enthousiast about the StageRace V2005 bèta that they were provided with for doing this race. Apart from few minor annoyances, in this bèta version, the software performed to outermost satisfaction of its operators.

After solving some small issues and implementing some more new features, the V2005 version is now expected to be released late fall of 2004, amply in time for the 2005 season.

News about Future Version

Monday, February 9 2004

StageRace 2004The upcoming new StageRace 2004 version that was scheduled for beta release in February 2004 has been put off indefinitely.

Forced reallocation of all our resources to a different project has forced us to reprioritize our efforts on StageRace.

StageRace 2003 is currently providing customers with a very satisfactory level of completeness and functionality, so that the absence of a successor will presently not lead to direct problems, which played a big role in this decision.

We are very sorry that we have to leave a software version on the shelve that is for over 90% ready for beta. As soon as time allows more work to be done on StageRace, you will be informed again through the usual channels.

Update Brings Time Trial Import

Friday, June 6 2003

The new V2.10 update now finally brings classification import for time trials, which was still heavily missed by some users. Second new feature of this update is support of the third-party TT*Ware time trial processor.

Additionally, some other improvements or even bug fixes are made to this version.

Meanwhile, the development team is already working on some great new features for next year's upgrade version of StageRace, and many improvements and features are being examined and lined up for implementation, as development of StageRace 2004 progresses.

StageRace Successfully Scores Tour de Georgia

Wednesday, May 7 2003

From a FinishLynx photo finish unit "live" into StageRace, with classifications being available in a matter of minutes.



Photo finish at Tour de Georgia

Photo finish at Tour de Georgia

Results processing at Tour de Georgia using StageRace software

Results processing at Tour de Georgia using StageRace software

In their first year, Tour de Georgia had the highest possible 2.3 UCI ranking. Their ambition is soon to become one of the big, leading races on the North American international calendar. And they might just succeed, as this first edition was with ample success.

Phoenix Sports Technology (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) is the premier North American sports timing company for various high profile sports, among which road cycling. They have experience timing le Tour de France, and they are currently contracted by the UCI to do the timing of all World Cup Track events on this year's calendar.

Phoenix S.T. recently migrated to StageRace software for use at road cycling events. The first StageRace administrated event on their calendar was the Tour de Georgia, April 22nd to 27th 2003.

Backed up from the Netherlands by StageRace support, Phoenix S.T. got through their exciting first use of StageRace and successfully put together printed and online classifications for this event, mainly based on FinishLynx photo finish output, and this all at high pace.


Take a look at the Tour de Georgia web site

Pictures courtesy Phoenix Sports Technology

StageRace 2003 Premieres at G.P. Erik Breukink

Monday, March 17 2003

It (March 14-16) was a weekend of Eriks with the G.P. Erik Breukink in the Netherlands. The event, that carries the name of former professional racer Erik Breukink, got a great home country victory through Rabobank's Erik Dekker, who proved his form after a year that was dominated by a big injury.

Without any actual stage wins, Dekker had a two seconds lead in the general classification.

For some reason, two seconds leads is about as good as it gets in Dutch stage races. But this turned out to be no problem for StageRace. All classifications after the last stage, a time trial, were ready within minutes.

In the preamble to the first stage, some small imperfections of the software were detected. These will be resolved in an update at the end of March.


See the results that we have mirrored on our web site under Previews.

 Française des Jeux's Jimmy Casper timed by StageRace software in the time trial of G.P. Erik Breukink

Française des Jeux's Jimmy Casper timed by StageRace software in the time trial of G.P. Erik Breukink

Final Release StageRace 2003

Wednesday, March 12 2003

In the consideration of reaching a high level of quality or meeting the deadline that was set earlier for the final release of StageRace, Totaal Software chose for the former and pushed forward the final release to today.

But as of today the final release is available; fixing some outstanding bugs, improving some more points and adding new features such as sign in lists and miles (rather than only kilometers).

This final release — available for download on the StageRace web site — is considered stable and safe for use at actual events. And it will accordingly be used at real events, starting the following weekend.

UCI Rule 2.6.016 Better Explained

Wednesday, March 12 2003

UCI Road Races rule 2.6.016 about the "final general individual classification by points" suggests that, in case of a draw, the number of wins in intermediate sprints should be taken into consideration. Consultation of UCI officials and UCI headquarters confirms the interpretation of this rule that has been used during StageRace 2003 development.

The intermediate sprints used for resolving a draw should be sprints that count to the particular points classifications anyway. If there is a points classification that only adds up the points from stage finishes, the intermediate sprints from some other, independent sprint classification are not taken into account.

Why is this points classification rule then talking about intermediate sprints anyway? Well, for instance le Tour de France has a points classification ("green jersey") that is calculated from stage finish points plus intermediate sprints' points. Obviously, these (so called) hot-spots are used to resolve draws. (Note that this kind of classification, which le Tour de France calls points classification, is handled in StageRace as a sprint classification.)

Many races have independent points and sprint classifications. The general consensus is that these should not be mixed to resolve draws.

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