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StageRace is a full-blown administration program for road cycling stage races.

You input the raw data; StageRace calculates all your classifications accordingly.


Read all about it on the Overview pages.

Overview's table of contents:

  1. Background Information
  2. Publications
  3. Configuration
  4. Competitors and Teams
  5. Rankings
  6. Installation
  7. Help

You may also want to read about what is new in the 2005 version.



Help system

StageRace comes with an extensive indexed, searchable online Help system. Also an around two hundred pages printed manual is provided to registered users.

The Help system integrates with the software. It can also be invoked on a context-sensitive basis from many places within the software.

A Tip of the Day welcomes you every new session.

Extensive information about the way classifications are calculated and about the publications that you can generate is included in the Help system.



This is the last topic of the Overview pages. To continue your StageRace experience, go to see Previews or Screenshots or download your own free evaluation copy.


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