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Support Process


StageRace comes with extensive documentation. This documentation should be your first support resource. Also it is exactly the support that you buy with your StageRace license.


Additionally, as far as time allows, our developers dedicate themselves to answering support questions.

Processing of support questions usually results in:

  • Redirection of the questioner to the support resources that answer the question;
  • Giving an actual explanatory answer to the question; or
  • A bug fix or the adding of a new feature being initiated.

Note: improvement ideas resulting from support questions will be handled as our sole property.

Contact us at with your support questions.

Personal Support

Personal support is available at a reasonable charge:

  • Have one of our engineers as an operator at your event, or on beforehand as an instructor; or
  • Have one of our engineers stand-by for telephone support preceding or during your event.

Contact us at to set up a support plan.


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