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The small market that exists for the specialized product that StageRace is makes it easy to maintain good relations with our individual users.
Their feedback continuously confirms that StageRace is a perfect match for the particular task that it has been developed for, and it also helps us with even further improving it.

Read some of the feedback below.


"Our National Tour was once again, thanks to your program, a success"

— Race organiser using StageRace

"Good solutions were available for the questions and problems posed (...) Assistance was available in an outstanding fashion"

— High ranking UCI official after world cup event serviced by StageRace crew

"The race went very well, especially the StageRace computerized classification"

— StageRace user

"I have downloaded the demo program and appreciate its completeness"

— Prospective user

"StageRace was a huge success at our tour"

— Race organiser using StageRace

"I did not have problems using StageRace. My club is satisfied with this sound investment"

— StageRace user

"StageRace is effective and fast, and met my expectations"

— StageRace user

"I am impressed with what can be accomplished with this program"

— Race organiser using StageRace

"Thanks for all the great support"

— Professional StageRace user

"I just wanted you to know how wonderful the program was working!"

— Professional StageRace user

"It was really great to understand the program and make it work so well!"

— Professional StageRace user

"I hope more people buy the software! It's just so wonderful!"

— Professional StageRace user


Furthermore, we are known for giving appropriate answers, rapidly and courteously, on questions about sales, support or other topics.

We are proud of this high level of user satisfaction that we appear to achieve.

You don't have to believe us on our word; just take us to the test. For a start, you can download your free evaluation copy and convince yourself about the quality and performance of our StageRace software.

Also, feel free to turn to us if you have any StageRace related questions at


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